Melanie Guy

Portfolio: Current Work

Summer 2023 - I am happy to announce that my work is currently available throughout the year in 4/4 Gallery, Callington, Cornwall - this is a new progressive gallery on the high street with local parking too, perfect stop-off for visitors to Cornwall.


Spring 2023 - At last there is a change in mindset beginning - people are beginning to realise that we must protect all living things on this planet, to protect humankind. But fossil fuels still prevail as a detriment to us all. 

There is a NEW GALLERY opening in Callington - 4/4 Gallery at no. 4, Fore Street Callington, Cornwall, UK> 


Autumn 2022 - anxiety is apparent - G7 and Cop meetings are producing no solutions. Greed to maintain the status quo is likely to kill us all off. There are positives happening but I cannot believe the slow progress when so many lives and homes will be sacrificed. Do they - the fossil fuel lobby, not care about fellow humanity and the plight of whole nations?


Mid 2022 - right, Covid fading away now that most have experienced it. Heavy into communicating the concerns of Climate Change and war near home. On a brighter note - ECOCIDE recognitiion is advancing - to make it legally recognised internationally. See


Mid 2021 - not much change on Covid - new strains and postponed easing of restrictions.

I have completed REMEMBER GAIA - tribute to mother Nature. It is in Exeter Cathedral until the end of August. G7 has passed with little progress - WAKE UP governments!!


Mid 2020 - another year on and several tears on.

Nothing much has happened as regards cilmate recognition - except with those who watch and believe the severity of the science. We have Covoid - of course a dilema of extreme importance - but what is hope from surviving Covoid, if we cannot exist in raised world temperatures, without food or water. Real, urgent priorities are ignored to save face, short term, during the four year government cycle. The economy will change after Covoid, no matter what rescue senarios are tried, our thinking has got to change to look out for each other and the EARTH.



2019 drawing to a close -

it is a relief that awareness of our dilema in this world is now a focus. Those that have the focus hope that respect for the natural world and recognition of indigenous peoples' right to their way of life on their land, with their values is going to strengthen against the machine of capitalism. Lets throw some spanners into the works to interrupt - business as usual can be business developed in a different way - towards equality and equanimity. We all began in life equal - everthing else is percept formulated into habitual understanding and behaviour and moderated by our individual culture and experiences.



It is irrelevant to me whether I am expressing through drawing on pewter or on paper or in three dimensions. I do not catagorise my work for myself. In order to improve my skills with metal, or to contribute to an exhibition, I will often make functional items or express myself in sculptural forms in other mediums.

Nearing the end of 2018 - lots of exhibitions this year - including Cornwall, Devon and London at ROA Gallery.



2018 - I am rejoicing - at last hope for thinking parties to come together - news of:-

New “Biosphere News Search” Web Site Launches to Benefit Global Ecology - "The global ecological system is collapsing and dying as human industrial growth overwhelms the climate and ecosystems. We urgently need to integrate knowledge regarding ecological problems and their solutions -- from the local to the global scale -- to inform advocacy and policy actions sufficient to maintain a habitable planet. Future phases of EcoInternet's Earth IT Project will organize the most important global ecological data sets into a 'Global Ecology Data Vault' using cutting edge data warehousing techniques not yet applied to global ecological sustainability," says Dr. Glen Barry.

My work - This year I have been working on large scale sculptural pieces for SWSA at Dartington in 'Ways without Words' outside exhibition.

Also, a commission with wood - carving an interpretation of the 'Lincoln Imp' - mine is rather cheeky. Designer Crafts 2018 - this year held at Chelsea College of Art - see exhibition list - I made EARLY LIFE and DAFFODIL CANDLESTICKS - love using different techniques and mediums, each has a lively challenge.


2017 has brought several light-hearted commissions - among them, a ceramics trophy, the Stanwick Horse which, was a Celtic find in Yorkshire, the inspiration for a new trophy for a competition. Also, a bit of fun - 'PETER of the Pewter Pelt' - for Dartmoor National Park fundraising auction (see


Late 2016 - PEWTER NOW is on show until November - see Cockington Court, Kitchen Gallery, Torquay Devon for details and then touring to Sheffield.

And it looks like one of my other design interests, in children's environments, is in demand again - our family business, see

fb Alastair Guy Playgrounds, is extending its work in Northants - more work and designs for Wicksteed Park, Kettering - exciting.


2016 - after a break of a few months I am back in the 'swing'. It is a great time for exhibiting work and getting interest from my customers - thanks for all the nice comments on my "Baleen" piece recently exhibited. I continue to have an interest in sea forms and animals, human and others. I am working with pewter and clay and wood too.


2015 - April - I have just completed a new piece - MILKYWAY WAY-MARKER, a twinkling patio light featuring the environment in its greatest sense (see Design/sculpture/smithing). And I am continuing work on the theme of oceans - polution, wildness, movement, fluidity, sea, rivers, environment - in pewter or wood and stone - inspired by the quality of the material. BALEEN is the latest piece in this series. (see New sculptures).

Later in 2014 I returned to expressing interpretations of the time I spent sail cruising on our boat and have developed pieces about the deteriorating state of the oceans. I continue to make interior wall panels - interpreting my memories and experiences and have  completed the 'PLANKTON' series of mark-making on pewter. I am developing a series of free standing sculptures in wood, highlighting pollution problems and events which move me.

Most work during 2013 has been commissioned, to develop a series on pewter, of the rural environments of Dijon region of France, especially the vineyards. See these on the pewter panels page.